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Sustainable Polymer Solutions:The polymer supplier with a difference!
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Sustainable Polymer Solutions (SPS): a small company
with big company experience. We supply polymer solutions
which will help you reduce your CO2 emissions, energy
consumption and save you money.

SPS biopolymers and oil based polymers and can provide
sustainable solutions to products and packaging , from design,
project management, materials, and processes through to
the final product launch. Click on applications to see examples.

SPS have over 50 years of experience with polymers and
engineering materials and are networked with many other
offering complimentary expertise and synergies.
We value all our customers and are interested in understanding
your needs so please either contact us by phone or fill in our
simple information request form and we will reply to you
very quickly. 

SPS respect the environment and have expertise in
recycled polymers as well as polymers that come from
renewable sources.

From our base in Geneva, our experts can help you
choose the right material for the right application.

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Sustainable Polymer Solutions:

the polymer supplier with a difference